Four Amazing Weekends for Mumbaikars

Malad Masti 2018 lived up to everything that it promised… and more. From fun activites and entertainment to Bollywood stars, singers, interactive games and contests, this year’s Malad Masti had it all. Held at the back roads of Malad, behind Inorbit Mall, all the four days of Malad Masti saw packed crowds of families from all over Mumbai, right from early morning.

To see young children and teenagers enjoying this event with parents and even grandparents was a heartening sight. It proved that given the right environment, the concept of generation gap ceases to exist. Pure, wholesome entertainment that involves everyone has no age restrictions.

This was the first year that Goldmedal had sponsored this social event and we were simply blown by the experience and the feedback we received. Apart from the enthusiastic crowds and energetic performances by participants, we were pleasantly surprised by the presence of some of the biggest names in Bollywood at the event. The crowds were ecstatic to see so many of their favourite stars perform live and interact with them. It was simply overwhelming and proved that the spirit of Mumbai is truly unique.

There many memorable moments at Malad Masti 2018 and we at Goldmedal are delighted to share some of them with you. We hope you were present at Malad Masti 2018 – but if for some reason you hadn’t been able to – we hope you’ll surely make it for 2019. We know, we will!