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A cover plate serves two primary functions – to provide a stable, physical frame on which the modular inserts can be installed and to create the appearance of a complete unit that complements your interiors in multiple ways. Goldmedal cover plates are designed to serve both purposes optimally. The back plate of the Goldmedal cover plates are designed to be strong as well as flexible while the front plate is available in a multitude of shapes, colours, textures and materials to match any design requirement. Check out our cover plates in offer.

Quorra Crystallight

The Crystallight cover frames are precisely crafted for that perfect finish – right from their delicately frosted facade to the exquisite chamfer around the edges. Like naturally occurring crystals, the Crystallight cover plate exhibits a rare brilliance that creates an aura of sophisticated elegance around it. Unmatched in their beauty and finish, these cover plates are without doubt, the definitive symbol of luxury on your walls.

Grazia Basic

Grazia from Goldmedal is the embodiment of the thinnest and most stylish in the world of cover plates. Flat, linear, slim, Grazia exhibits the visual refinement that only an ultra slim accessory can provide. Grazia cover plates are available in Basic and Premium options. Both Basic and Premium cover frames accentuate the style quotient of your rooms with their distinctively slender appearance.


The Glassio is without doubt a classical beauty – exhibiting a smooth, glossy frontage, with soft, rounded edges and a demeanour that’s sophisticated yet warm and welcoming. The elegantly flared corners reflect and absorb light in a manner that adds depth and character to the cover plate. This interplay of light and shadow also creates a sinuous effect that makes Glassio the definitive artefact on your wall.


Unconventional yet perfectly symmetrical, bold yet elegant – the Wega cover plates are stunning in every way. An example of imagination and engineering precision of the highest order, the Wega, with its distinctive appearance stands out from the clutter with ease. Its undulating shape creates a magical interplay of light that adds to its visual appeal. The colours appear dazzling, mesmerizing and even playful, depending on the prevailing light conditions.

Quorra Extreme

The Quorra Xtreme cover frames are distinguished by the use of exquisitely crafted metallic frames in brush finish and a sleek chrome encasing. Visible from the sides as well as the front, the chrome rim creates an unmistakable aura of luxury and sophistication that reflects on your interiors. Meticulously crafted, the Quorra Xtreme is a superlative example of craftsmanship that symbolizes the absolute pinnacle of luxurious living.

Grazia Premium

Apart from being one of the slimmest cover plates available, the Grazia Premium has an additional chrome side casing which highlights the delightful elegance of these cover frames. Whether you choose Grazia Basic or Premium, they will make a style statement that will always be in.

The perfect blend of design and finish.

There’s beautiful and then there is beauty so extraordinary, it resembles a priceless work of art. Like the Glassio cover plate from Goldmedal. With its flawless, high-shine finish and uniquely fluid shape, the Glassio is the ultimate blend of imagination and craftsmanship. Rare, magnificent, timeless, the Glassio is truly inspiring. Experience the perfection called Glassio.

Looks good from any angle!

Developed using glass, wood, stone, metal and other natural materials, the unique look of the Wega will add to the exquisiteness of any contemporary home or office. In addition, the exciting array of shades will spoil you for choice. Thankfully, deciding where to place the Wega in your room is a no-brainer. Because as you know, the Wega looks good from any angle!