Live Smart with Goldmedal 6 switch module

Smart homes are trending globally—as it should!

With smart technology becoming more affordable and easy to use, it seems fitting to switch over to home automation systems. The centralized and user-friendly interface allows you to remotely control and monitor your electrical devices from anywhere in the world. Smart technology not only ensures better control over your devices, it also results in lower power consumption. Goldmedal has been at the forefront of launching usable, easy-to-install and use home automation systems for years. The launch of it i-Touch WiFi 6 Module switch is another step in this direction.

A one-of-a-kind module, the i-Touch WiFi 6 Module switch is a complete system by itself. It consists of six switches, a fan regulator, two USB sockets and an International socket. Install this in a regular junction box and you can easily control almost every electrical fitting in a room. Like other Goldmedal Wi-Fi products, the 6 Module switch can be operated in multiple ways – including feather touch, RF Remote control, voice commands and a mobile app.

Commenting on the launch of this product, Mr. Kishan Jain, Director, Goldmedal Electricals, said “The i-Touch WiFi 6 Module is a great product for every home owner. By installing this single module, users can control multiple electrical products. It can even be controlled with voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Like all our products, this system is delightful on the eyes and extremely easy to use. We definitely feel people will find this a useful product.”

Like our other home automation products, this product too can be installed directly in an existing junction box using the same wiring. The i-Touch WiFi- 6 Module Switch is available at all major retail outlets at a starting price of Rs. 9999.

With Goldmedal Home Automation systems, convenience and comfort is at your fingertips!

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