Best Smart Doorbells in India 2024 | Choose the Best For You

Best Smart Doorbells in India 2024 | Choose the Best For You

Smart Doorbell

Ding dong! The sound of a visitor on the door can make you think of safe interactions, every time you open the door. Thanks to some of the best smart doorbells available today, you can feel secure while also having the convenience to perform a quick check before you open that door.

Smart doorbells are best classified by their convenience features and the degree of safety that they can provide. In this blog post, we bring to you the best smart doorbells available and the various types of smart doorbells to choose from. So, if you are looking for a video-calling bell for your home in India, this post should help you decide the best smart doorbell for your house.

What are Smart Doorbells?

A smart doorbell is a type of doorbell that is connected to the internet and can be controlled and monitored remotely using a smartphone or other device. It typically consists of a camera and a speaker, which are mounted at the front door of a home or other building. When someone approaches the door and presses the doorbell button, the camera sends a live video feed to the homeowner’s device, allowing them to see who is at the door. The homeowner can then use the speaker to communicate with the person at the door, even if they are not home.

What are the different types of Smart Doorbells?

  • Audio Doorbells / Intercoms:- These are the most rudimentary form of smart doorbells available. When the bell is pressed from outside, it enables a voice exchange which can be done from inside the house, even before you open the door. These can be ideally used as an additional safety feature, if visitors are already screened before they have access to your home or office doors.
  • Wired Video Doorbells:- These doorbells consist of a camera placed outside the door and a video touchscreen mounted on the wall inside the house with a wired connection. It enables you to view your visitor’s actions on the video screen and also carry out audio interactions with your visitor. It is the best smart doorbell if you are looking for basic home security features for your home or office.
  • Smart Video Doorbells:- These are the next version of the video doorbells, where your interactions are not limited to a wall-mounted video screen, but can be accessed from multiple devices like smartphones or computers. The doorbell is essentially a WiFi doorbell, which is remotely connected to your home security system network. Smart video doorbells also typically record live feeds of audio and video to a physical or cloud storage device, so that the video evidence can be recovered and used in case of unforeseen events.
  • AI Enabled Smart Doorbells:- These are usually used as a part of sophisticated security systems. The doorbell captures video via WiFi doorbells and uses the feed to identify individuals which have already been added to a White List or Black List. This is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which uses facial and voice recognition, and can generate alerts to the homeowner especially if the visitor is on the blacklist. These doorbells can also provide access control features, and allow access for visitors on the whitelist, with a passphrase, for example. This is the best smart doorbell for the security conscious, since it puts to use the best available in technology today.

Features of Smart Doorbells

  • Battery Powered or Dual Power Sourced
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Motion Alerts using sensors
  • Night Mode Camera
  • Higher Degree of Camera Vision
  • Custom Ring Patterns
  • Voice Activated Access Control
  • AI-enabled Whitelisting and Blacklisting


Feeling safe in your house should not be an option, but a basic requirement. Smart doorbells from the Best Electrical Manufacturing Company In India add a layer of protection for you and your family. The best smart doorbell for you would be the one that suits the degree of safety and sophistication that you require, while also being financially viable for you.