The i-Sense Senso Switch: Sensing your need with a wave!

It’s no secret that technology has radically improved in the last few years. From phones to homes, technology has transformed the way we lead our day-to-day life. Electrical devices form an integral part of our homes and Goldmedal has a unique product that lets you control these devices with a simple wave!

The i- Sense Senso Switch offers an exciting new way to control the lights and various electrical appliances in your home and offices with ease. Equipped with an innovative sensor technology that recognises hand movements, the i-Sense Senso switch guarantees better control and improved user experience than traditional switches.

The i-Sense Senso switch also boasts of cutting-edge features like the smart assembly and snap-in system that ensures easy installation. The switch is particularly useful in kitchens and children’s rooms where hands tend to be wet or messy. The soft-glow indicator makes it easy to find it even in the dark and is perfect for small children and the elderly. The i-Sense Senso switch can also be used as a 2-way or 3-way switch.

The i-Sense Senso switch is convenience at its best! You can buy this cool switch from one of many retail outlets at a starting price of Rs. 3999.