LED Lamp
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LED Lamp

See life in a new light

If you’re looking to upgrade your light bulbs, make sure your choice is Bloom LED bulbs. These cool-looking bulbs are not only wonderful to look at, they are winners in every other department. The Bloom LEDs emit equal light as your fluorescent bulbs while lasting longer and using lesser energy. What’s more, they fit into the same sockets. So why go back to fluorescents or halogens the next time. Switch to environment-friendly Bloom bulbs, every time!

LED-LAMP Features

• Save 90% Energy
• Not Suitable For Enclosed Down Lighters
• Wide Voltage Range 140v To 270v AC
• Not Suitable For Dimming And Electronic Switche
• Mercury Free

LED-LAMP COMES IN 5w, 7w, 9w, 12w.