What Are The Advantages Of Extension Socket

What Are The Advantages Of Extension Socket

Going Far and Wide to Power Up

Multitasking is inherent in our daily lives. You’re working from home on your laptop, which is connected to that extra monitor, while you check out your phone, which is connected to your bluetooth earphones. There are instances in our day to day when you can run out of juice on multiple devices together. If only you had some extra sockets!

Extension Sockets help overcome the problem of not having enough sockets within easy reach. There are two prime advantages of extension board. One is the access to power sources far from the wall socket, while the other is the flexibility of powering up with multiple devices.
But there is so much more.

Advantages Of Extension Socket

  • Access Beyond Reach: Access the Power Source from far away with extension sockets, and forget the hassle of looking for a nearby plug point. Extension sockets come in various wire lengths like 1.5 metres, 2 metres, 3 metres and 5 metres to provide maximum outreach.
  • Work with Multiple Devices: Sometimes there are just not enough wall sockets around, especially if your living or working space was designed in the yesteryears. Extension sockets help connect multiple devices to the electrical source. They come in 2-pin and 3-pin socket configurations and generally sport between 3 to 8 sockets.
  • Helps You Organize: Having a bunch of long wires running around the house for your multiple devices can look shabby. Using a socket extension can help keep the mess to a minimum, by having a single wire connected to the power source.
  • Allows Individual Operation: Many extension cord manufacturers offer an individual switch for each socket. This enables safe and convenient operation, while also improving power efficiency.
  • Offers Surge Protection and Load Protection: Many modern extension cords come with built-in surge protection and load protection.Surge Protector extension cords protect electrical devices from sudden voltage spikes.Load protection will protect your devices if the Ampere load goes beyond the threshold limits and hence protects your devices from overload and resulting damage.
  • Heavy Duty Extension Cords for Power-Consuming Appliances: Power-Consuming appliances like refrigerators, microwaves and washing machines are to be plugged only on heavy duty wall sockets. If accessibility to this socket is a problem, a heavy duty extension cord specially designed to take this load can be used.
  • Provides USB Sockets: Many extension sockets come with USB sockets which make it easy to power up digital devices that are USB operated. Extension cord with USB port removes the need for adaptors. USB sockets can also come with Fast Charging options for compatible smartphones.
  • Works well with International Devices: Most extension sockets come with International socket configurations that can fit in different types of plugs. This comes in handy especially when powering devices that you bought internationally and operate on the same voltage. You will not need to buy a separate adapter in this case.
  • Sleek and Trendy Designs: Power Extension Sockets come in various designs and trendy colours. While the long strip shape is most commonly found, these also come in circular and cubical shapes.
  • Easy on the Wallet: The extension cord price is not heavy on the wallet, and for basic everyday use, you should be able to buy extension cord online at a very affordable price. The price increases when you have features like surge protection, USB adaptors and heavy-duty operations, but is usually a good investment.

The Golden Cure for Powering All Your Devices?

While extension sockets provide you more sockets to work with, they also make the sockets more accessible to your living and working spaces. For a smartly designed home or office, multiple wall sockets are strategically placed in each room to provide you easy access for your devices and appliances to be used. Based on your charging needs, the extension socket can prove to be a handy companion to bring the power source conveniently close to you.
Extension sockets are a boon especially in spaces where there are not enough wall sockets for your electrical needs. In these cases, good-quality power extension sockets can be the golden cure to your charging itch. More power to you!