5 different types of false ceiling lights for your home in 2024?

5 different types of false ceiling lights for your home in 2024?

Do you know what differentiates a beautifully designed room from an average room? It’s the lights. A well-lit room is a must to make the interior design totally worth it.

Imagine having a couch worth 80k or all those lavish decor accessories in a room which only has a dim, depressing looking, old-fashioned tube light. You won’t be able to get the results you imagined.

To design a well-lit room, it is important to have a light point in every corner of the space. Having wall sockets for lights on each wall is impractical for the architect, therefore the concept of false ceiling lights is in trend. Let’s discuss the top 5 false ceiling light types that you can have in your home to make it stunning.

What are false ceiling lights?

The word false ceiling refers to a depression created in the ceiling to have wirings for enough light points. There are plenty of ways to create a cove on the ceiling. Most popular ones are created using gypsum, PVC and POP materials. Since it looks like a ceiling from the bottom but is not the actual ceiling, that’s why it’s called a ‘false’ ceiling.

Under the layer of the false ceiling, designers get the creative freedom to run wires for lights to any corner of the room in a concealed way. It is extremely popular for both residential and commercial segments.

You must have seen lots of lights in the ceiling of an office or a commercial showroom. However, the trend of getting false ceilings is getting bigger than ever for residential projects.

Why invest in false ceiling lights?

The market of Led lights and false ceiling light types is getting huge. The endless variety available these days is a sign that more and more people are interested in this. If you are building your dream home, you should also consider knowing more about the types of false ceiling lights because of the following benefits:

  • Aesthetics: All the wires will be concealed, and the end result would be simply decorative.
  • Functional: False ceiling lights are not just decorative; you can use the method to create a well-lit room. A light on a wall can’t do justice to a huge living area which has multiple sitting corners.
  • Energy-efficient: The conventional method of using more and more light bulbs on the walls can skyrocket your electricity bills. Whereas modern false ceiling lights are power saving.

In which room should you install false ceiling lights?

False ceiling lights can be installed in every room of your home. Whether it’s the living area, bedroom, study, temple, kitchen or even your bathroom, having ample spots for ceiling lights is decorative as well as functional for every corner.

Which are the top picks of false ceiling lights for your home?

  1. Cove light: The secret ingredient to creating a dramatic look in a room is to have fixtures on the sides of the false ceiling to install cove lights. There is a vast variety of strip lights that can be used to give a diffused look.
  2. Spotlight: These lights are used to give a mystical aura to a particular spot in a room. For instance, a showpiece, wall art or a furniture area. There is a huge variety of energy efficient LED ceiling lights that can be used for spotlighting. The two basic categories are recessed lights and suspended lights. These are very sleek and available in all sizes to meet the requirements of ambient as well as task lighting.
  3. Track lights: Yet another trendy option to create spot lighting in track lights. These are very popular to get the industrial vibe in contemporary home décor. In modern variants, the lights run on a magnetic track and make it easy to move the installed spotlights in any direction.
  4. Pendant light: The above three categories of lights are flush against the false ceiling, however for a designer look, some places need the oomph factor of pendant lights. You can find countless designs in pendant lights according to your taste.
  5. Chandeliers: Want a mansion-like feeling, but the builder didn’t provide a light provision in your desired corner of the living room? The problem will be solved with chandeliers. Most homes have provisions for ceiling fans, but if you want the extra lighting for a dramatic look, you can invest in false ceiling chandeliers that are lightweight and easy to install.

How much do false ceiling lights cost?

LED false ceiling lights are energy efficient as well as extremely budget friendly. You can find these lights in white, warm white and natural white colours. The cost may vary depending on the wattage, however, rest assured, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


If you want to evoke a sense of drama and lavishness in a room, invest in false ceiling lights. In today’s interior design trend, strip lights, panel lights, spotlights, and pendant lights have become a must for everyone. Connect with an expert to learn more about the correct placement and the right product.