The future is here, are you ready?

Here, there and everywhere we look, we see SMART living around – smartphones, smart TVs, smart watches…so why not smart homes?

Imagine walking into your home after a long day at work and finding the AC switched on to the perfect temperature, the music switched on and the lights dimmed to the perfect illumination? It’s no longer a dream with Goldmedal’s i-Touch Wi-Fi switches and systems that can be controlled using your smartphone from anywhere in the world! These switches can also be pre-programmed to switch ON or OFF at a particular time, or set to work in sync with other switches – called scenes – so that with a single touch of a button or at a pre-determined time, they all operate in a synchronized manner to create that perfect setting for you. For example, at 7:00 am every day, you can program your switches to switch OFF the AC and switch ON the geyser and music system and also pull up the window drapes to let the sun in! You can take it a step further and sync it with your Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices! So all you need to do is say it and it gets done!

You can do the same using the RF Remote too if you wish to control your devices from the comfort of your home or office.

Now to the best part! You can easily retrofit these switches into your existing wiring—without even drilling any new holes or carrying out re-wiring! So your home can be completely automated in a matter of hours!

Smart home is the future and it is here now.

Goldmedal is ready, are you?