So less. Yet so much.
AIR Modular Plates comes in A3 & A6

A3 Plate

slim enough to make
our Bollywood divas jealous.

A6 Plate

The slim story continues,
with a little twist.

AIR Modular plates are
Practical? Yes. Boring? Never!

If you thought practical was dull and boring then you’ve been looking at the wrong designs. The A3
cover plates will surprise you with its unique combination of practical utility and premium look. Super
slim, flat, yet extremely durable, the A3 modular cover plates can easily be the first choice for modern
interiors. The distinctive chrome border raises the style quotient of these plates to a higher level! So
say yes to practical style that’s never boring!

AIR Modular plates are
Slick to behold. Stylish in function.

The A6 is a stylish, classy modular cover plate that can be fitted on to concealed wooden boxes as well
as regular metal ones. The rigid, grid-shaped back of these cover plates ensures that they fit safely and
securely on the switch boxes with minimum effort. The silken finish of its façade and the sleek chrome
border around the inner frame imparts an elegance that makes the A6 stand apart from the rest.
Classical yet minimalistic, the A6 changes the way you look at standard cover plates.