Magic of Music: Goldmedal music players for uninterrupted party music

Magic of Music: Goldmedal music players for uninterrupted party music

With the on-going pandemic, all the celebrations have been intimate and confined to our homes. But don’t let this dampen your spirits. As you gather with your near and dear ones, fill your home with joyful music and get the party started!

Are you confused about which music player to buy? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are three exciting and innovative music players from Goldmedal that are sure to be the life and soul of any party!

i-Dock Music Player

Enjoy your favourite party tracks without any interruptions with Goldmedal’s i-Dock player. This innovative player lets you charge your iPhone or iPod as well as play music stored on any Apple devices and other MP3 players. At rest the i-Dock remains flush with the cover plate but when you apply gentle pressure it springs out into position to receive your smartphone. One placed on the dock, your phone starts charging. The i-Dock music player is packed with amazing features:

  1. It has an in-built stereo amplifier that enables direct speaker connection
  2. You can play your favourite tracks on any paired Hi-Fi or multi-room system
  3. Play music on your MP3 players using the 3.5 mm socket
  4. Once docked you can play music as well as make, receive, and reject calls
  5. It offers Bluetooth connectivity with a range distance of 10 m
  6. Play / change music with voice command and gesture control.

i-Sense FM-Bluetooth Player

Jazz up the celebrations with Goldmedal’s i-Sense FM-Bluetooth player! This one-of-a-kind music player is stylish yet compact in dimension and can be installed directly into a flush box. A great entertainment system, the i-sense FM-Bluetooth player offers a host of features that make it a perfect choice for every home.

  1. You can play FM radio or music from any Bluetooth-enabled MP3 device
  2. An additional line output allows connection to Hi-Fi or multi-room systems
  3. It is equipped with an in-built stereo amplifier
  4. You can listen to music through a headphone using the 3.5 mm port
  5. It can be easily retrofitted within an existing Goldmedal modular plate.

Bluetooth Player with FM Radio

Grove to the beats of your favourite party music with Goldmedal’s Bluetooth Player with FM Radio. This device is easy to install, compact and stylish. It allows you to listen to FM radio or stored music from any Bluetooth enabled devices including your smartphones and Mp3 devices! There are many reasons to love this amazing device:

  1. You can install this system in a flush box with Goldmedal modular plates.
  2. It is equipped with in-built stereo speakers.
  3. It has an additional line output enables connection to Hi-Fi or multi-room systems.
  4. It is quick and simple to retrofit.
  5. It has a 3.5mm jack for other MP3 players and music sources.
  6. Line-in connection at the back allows you to connect the player with other external music systems.

You check out these innovative products at retail outlets near you or buy them from the online marketplaces.