Is your home festive-ready?

Is your home festive-ready?

Diwali is just round the corner and the preparations are in full swing! From buying brand new outfits to choosing gifts for your loved ones, the festival of lights has always been a grand affair. With the on-going pandemic, Diwali celebrations will be a bit different this year. So, why not give your home a beautiful festive makeover?

This Diwali, spruce up your home with some exciting additions and renovations that reflect your style and sensibilities. Here are a few exciting products to upgrade the existing electrical system of your home that will win you plenty of compliments from your guests!

i-Touch Wi-Fi 6 module switch
Give your home the gift of smart technology with Goldmedal’s i-Touch Wi-Fi 6 module switch. Convenient to set up, the module can be directly installed into a regular junction box using the existing wiring. The i-Touch Wi-Fi 6 Module switch includes: six switches, a fan regulator, two USB sockets, and an international socket. You can control it remotely using a remote control, mobile app, and even voice commands. It even reduces your power consumption. This Diwali, control your devices with the stylish i-Touch Wi-Fi 6 module switch from Goldmedal.

Artio switches
If minimalism is your style then Goldmedal’s Diwali special launch, the Artio switches, are perfect for your home. Inspired by the flawless perfection of a circle, these are eye-catchingly beautiful yet minimalistic switches. An ingenious design, the Artio is perfectly proportioned circles that can complement any décor. The Artio sets the benchmark in standard switches while effortlessly blending style with substance.

i-Dock music player
Diwali celebrations are incomplete without music! Wow your guests with uninterrupted music with Goldmedal’s i-Dock player that lets you charge your iPhone / iPod as well as play music stored on your Apple devices and other MP3 players. The i-Dock Player has an in-built stereo amplifier that enables direct speaker connection for high quality music output. You can even play your favourite tracks on any paired Hi-Fi or multi-room system. Or play the music on your MP3 players using the 3.5 mm jack socket provided in the unit.

Crimson strip LED
Nothing says festive lighting better than colourful strip light! One such strip light is Goldmedal’s Crimson LED strip light. A versatile LED strip with an aesthetic appeal, Crimson adds the right amount of jazz to your Diwali celebrations. With a minimum investment of time, effort and money, Crimson is the ultimate lighting asset for your home. Because of its thin and flexible shape, it can fit into places where your average LED bulbs cannot. It can be used as cove lighting on your drawers, shelves and cabinets, as accent lighting in your living room, and as backlighting for your television and decor items. Elevate your lighting game with Goldmedal’s Crimson strip LEDs.

Zyro doorbell
Gone are the days of the humble ding-dong doorbells. Today, there is a wide variety of stylish doorbells that are designed to suit modern-day homes. The Zyro doorbell from Goldmedal is an exciting way to welcome your guests. What makes the Zyro stand out from the rest is its stylish and refined appearance. Unlike regular doorbells that are always wall-mounted, the Zyro can be installed on the wall as well as the ceiling. In addition to the inbuilt storage of 96 MB and 34 pre-installed tunes, you can also add custom tunes or songs using a USB cable. With features like volume control, play, pause and shuffle, you can set Zyro to sound just the way you want! What’s not to love about Zyro, right?

This Diwali let us switch to the amazing with Goldmedal! You can get your hands on these amazing products at a retail outlet near you or buy them from the online marketplaces.