Goldmedal’s Wi-Fi Router + Extender: A smarter way to connect!

Goldmedal wifi router and extender with USB and ethernet cable socket

Goldmedal’s Wi-Fi Router + Extender: A smarter way to connect!

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new normal. As we embrace this new way of life, the paramount issue is the availability of a steady and reliable Wi-Fi network, even in the remotest corner of our home. Recognising the issue and rising needs of our customers for uninterrupted Internet network, Goldmedal has launched the Wi-Fi Router + Extender. It is an innovative and easy to operate wifi router and extender that guarantees improved network connectivity.

What this unique product does is that it provides continuous and consistent Wi-Fi connectivity as a WiFi router while also working as a repeater to extend the network signal to the farthest spots in your home or office. It is a hassle-free modular device that can be easily installed into a switch plate. Like all our modular products, the Wi-Fi Router + Extender too can be retrofitted within an existing Goldmedal modular plate.

Goldmedal’s Wi-Fi Router + Extender is indeed a smart solution for all your net connection requirements. It can function in various modes depending on your need—router mode, access point, Repeater Bridge, and repeater. It also has an inbuilt USB port that can be used for Internet connectivity and charging devices. It operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and offers a transfer rate of 300 MBPs. This cool device is a one-product solution for slow Internet, network interruption, and dead zone issues!

You can get your hands on this innovative Wi-Fi Router + Extender at select retail outlets at a starting price of Rs. 7,899. Boost your Internet network and improve your productivity with Goldmedal’s Wi-Fi Router + Extender!

Check out the video to know more about this amazing new product. Let’s switch to the smarter way to connect!