Travel essentials from Goldmedal

Travel essentials from Goldmedal

The two-year mark for the Coronavirus outbreak, the Coronaversary is coming up! After what seemed like a never-ending lockdown, the world is finally moving towards normalcy. Many countries have reopened their borders and are ready to welcome tourists again. But before this happy news gets you packing, make sure you get hold of these unique travel essentials from Goldmedal that will make your trip hassle-free and fun!

Genius USB Travel Adaptor

The Goldmedal Genius USB travel adaptor is indeed a genius solution for globetrotters! This amazing charger is powered with an intelligent chip that identifies the type of device to be charged and provides the required charge for longer battery life. This modular product comes with three replaceable international plugs that can be easily changed as per the sockets available in the region. Equipped with two USB ports that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the Genius USB Travel Adaptor will let you charge multiple devices simultaneously. Need we say more? Get Genius and go anywhere in the world without the worry of your device charging needs!

Price: MRP Rs. 973

i-Link Universal Adapter with mobile socket

While travelling, we often struggle to charge multiple devices simultaneously – be it our cameras, phones or other travel accessories. This could be due to lack of electrical outlets or not having convenient access to them. The Goldmedal i-Link universal adaptor offers you the luxury of charging all your devices through one point. It is universal-socket friendly and hence suitable for all kinds of plugs used around the world. This device will come in handy when you are on a long-haul train where charging can get tricky.

Price: MRP Rs. 205

Gio 2 pin extension cord

Don’t you just hate having to go hunting for multiple charging points in hotels or vacation homes? Well, you are not alone. We do too and so we have designed a compact extension cord for you. So the next time you are looking for two or more power outlets to charge your devices but see only one, simply plug in the Gio extension cord! Available in 2 and 3 pin options, this oval-shaped compact extension cord is a lifesaver! Boasting features like a 2.5 metres long cable, power indicator and international socket compatibility, Gio is a must-have accessory for people always on the go!

Price: MRP Rs. 362

Porta Personal fan

The great outdoors are calling! It’s time to get your camping gears out and ready to roll. As you make a checklist, don’t forget to add Porta to your list. What is Porta, you ask? Porta is a light, compact, foldable and portable fan that is manufactured using aluminium and ABS plastic. Its high quality material blades and silicon steel sheet motor provides superior high air delivery. Porta has a 4-speed setting, 180 degree angle adjustment and telescopic height adjustment option for convenience. It also features a USB charger and depending on your use, the battery can last from 5 to 24 hours. So now you can enjoy being outdoors without feeling the heat!

Price: MRP Rs. 3600