Goldmedal ka Dhan Barse! A pinch of gratitude…from Goldmedal.

Goldmedal ka Dhan Barse! A pinch of gratitude…from Goldmedal.

Gratitude leads to abundance. And we, at Goldmedal, believe in just that!

We have partnered with Paytm to create a mobile-app-enabled loyalty scheme called Dhan Barse for our dedicated business partners and committed influencers. The will help us to bring all our loyal associates under one digital umbrella—from dealers, retailers, electricians to even counter boys!

At Goldmedal, we stand committed to realize the Prime Minister’s vision of Digital India. Our digital scheme will connect all our associates from far and near, and keep them seamlessly updated in real-time. The Dhan Barse app boasts a ton of features with a simple and intuitive user interface.

Our goal is not simply to stay connected with our partners and influencers, but also to give back and thank our loyal associates for their continuous support. As humbly noted by Mr Kishan Jain, our Director, “Goldmedal has become a pan-India brand due to the sincere efforts of all our partners – from our dealers to retailers to counter boys and electricians. We were looking for a solution that would help all our partners connect with us directly along with a scheme that would reward them for their loyalty in a seamless and efficient manner.”

The mobile app along with the loyalty scheme will be launched in August 2019 in select states and will be available across the country soon.

We hope our gratitude will lead to your abundance!