Intelligent electrical systems for the post Covid-19 world!

Intelligent electrical systems for the post Covid-19 world!

The year 2020 was a remarkably difficult year for everyone around the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic took us by surprise and spread like wildfire. But even in those darkest of times, we were strong and resilient. We learnt to improvise, adapt, and evolve. And now that we’ve bid adieu to the toughest year of our life yet, and step into a promising New Year, it is time to upgrade and evolve our homes to suit the new way of life. In addition to wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, you could look at adopting smarter and safer everyday solutions – starting with your electrical switches.

A first step to this transition can be the automating of your electrical devices using a home automation system. A home automation system is a complete unit of connected smart devices like lights, entertainment systems, security alarms etc. that can be remotely monitored and controlled through your smartphones, voice assistants and a remote control. The touch-free and remote operations with little to no human intervention make these devices a safe, secure and hygienic option. By setting up a home automation system, you can make your home more comfortable and safe.

Goldmedal Electricals offer a range of Home Automation products, which allows you to control up to 29 appliances, 8 scene settings as well as your lights, fans and drapes. The Wi-Fi range of smart products from Goldmedal include i- Touch RF switches, i-Touch light dimmer, i-Touch drape controller, etc. The star product of this range is the i-Touch 6 module switch. A one-of-a-kind module, the i-Touch Wi-Fi 6 Module switch is a complete system by itself. It consists of six switches, a fan regulator, two USB sockets and an International socket. Install this in a regular junction box and you can easily control almost every electrical fitting in a room. Like all Goldmedal Wi-Fi products, the 6 Module switch too can be operated in multiple ways—including feather touch, RF Remote control, voice commands and the i-World mobile app.

Apart from the automation products, Goldmedal’s i-Sense Senso switch is another product that will put your mind to ease. Now you can control the lights and various electrical appliances in your home and offices with a simple wave. The switch is especially useful now as we cope with the fear of infectious diseases. This touch-free switch is equipped with an innovative sensor technology that recognises hand movements and function seamlessly. The i-Sense Senso switch guarantees better control and improved user experience than any traditional switch. It also boasts of cutting-edge features like the smart assembly and snap-in system that ensures easy installation. The soft-glow indicator makes it easy to find it even in the dark and is perfect for small children and the elderly. The i-Sense Senso switch can also be used as a 2-way or 3-way switch.

While we adapt to this new way of life, let us resolve to take necessary precautions in public as well as at home. Upgrade to smarter and innovative electrical systems from Goldmedal Electricals and enjoy a safe, hygienic and stress-free life! To know more about Goldmedal’s wide range of advanced products, visit our experience centres or call 1800 209 0234.