How To Choose a Ceiling Fan for Your Home in 2024?

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How To Choose a Ceiling Fan for Your Home in 2024?

Ceiling fans are a must-have home appliance for every household given the hot and humid climate of India. With the soaring temperatures in summer, fans have become a necessity in every room. Hence, it’s important to know how to choose the right ceiling fan for your house.

Like other appliances, fans have evolved too with new cooling technology and better designs to keep you cool and refreshed indoors. Here is a guide to help you pick a good quality ceiling fan for your home:

Getting the right size

  • Finding the right size ceiling fan is important to ensure better airflow of the room. It’s important to understand that a small ceiling fan in a large room will not be effective, while a big fan in a small room will create erratic air distribution. Hence, it’s important to gauge the size of the room. Size of the room determines the size of the ceiling fan. To know the size of the room, you have to multiply the length and breadth of the room in sq. ft. You may then refer to the sizing guide provided by the fan makers to determine the size that fits best for your room.

  • Ceiling Fan Size Guide

    Fan Blade Size Room Size Room Type
    600 mm 50 sq. ft Hallway, Laundry Room, etc.
    900 mm 75 sq. ft Breakfast nook, Large Bathroom etc.
    1200 mm 75 – 160 sq. ft Bedroom, Office, Kitchen
    1300 – 1400 mm 160 – 250 sq. ft Living room, Master Bedroom, Dining Room, etc.

  • Height of the fan:- Just getting the size right is not enough, mounting the fan at the right height is equally important. Hanging the fan too high or too low affects the efficiency of the fans. Ceiling fans should always be mounted 7 feet above the floor to avoid any mishaps while walking or carrying tall objects. If the ceiling height is very high and the fan is mounted with a small rod, then the airflow will not be distributed at all and it will also consume more energy. It’s recommended to mount the fan at a height of 9-10 feet above the floor for better distribution of airflow.
  • Number of blades:- Fans are now available with up to 7 blades, making it important to understand how blades impact performance, aesthetics and acoustics of the ceiling fans. 3-blade ceiling fans are most commonly used as they are lighter and rotate faster to deliver air effectively. Fans with more blades are silent but consume more energy.
    Ceiling fans with 3-blades are pocket friendly and aesthetically appealing. However, fans with four or five blades are stylish, but expensive compared to 3-blade models. Such fans are suitable for rooms with air conditioners for distribution of cool air in the room. They balance the circulation of air in the room and the ambient noise, but increase the drag on the motor.
  • Motor Technology:- The motor used in ceiling fans has evolved with technological advancements. While considering good quality ceiling fans for your homes, it’s important to opt for fans with Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motors that are not only efficient but also long-lasting compared to conventional motor technology. Fans with BLDC motors are slightly high priced but lighter and silent than conventional fans. Ceiling fans with the BLDC motors have a longer span of life as they don’t heat like conventional ones.
    Factors like aluminum or copper winding also need to be considered for good quality ceiling fans. Copper winding fans are more durable and consume less energy but are expensive. On the contrary, aluminum winding fans are less expensive but have a shorter life span.
  • Speed of the Fan:- Rotation per minute (RPM) and Cubic Meters per Minute (CMM) determines the speed of the fan. It’s important to have RPM between 380/390 and 205-230 CMM of the fan to ensure that your ceiling fan delivers maximum speed while distributing air efficiently in the room.

Non-dust ceiling fans
Cleaning fans is one of the most painstaking tasks. To keep this cleaning job at bay, you can opt from a wide range of non-dust ceiling fans available in the market. The non-dust fans reduce dust accumulation up to 50 per cent.

  • Additional features:- Fans are no longer just an appliance; they are now more a part of the décor of house. Ceiling fans are now available in multiple colors, designs and shapes to match your interiors. Make your homes lively with a wide range of fancy ceiling fans with built-in lights, speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, fans that can connect with WiFi/internet to give you flexibility of controlling them from your smartphones or by voice commands available in the market. You can also opt for IoT fans that will make your fans smarter to operate on sensors to save on your electric bill.

    Next time you feel confused while buying a new fan in budget for your home, do refer to these guidelines to get a good quality efficient fan that can accentuate your room.