Electrical safety starts at home

Today, life without electricity is unimaginable. But we often forget that while electricity is a boon, it also poses some serious safety risks. Most electricity related mishaps happen at home and are often due to lack of knowledge about electric maintenance and safety. If not careful, the electricity-related incidents can lead to serious injuries and even be fatal.

In a first of many such posts, we want to share some electrical safety tips that can prevent electrical oversights and incidents.

The most common cause of electrical mishaps are mishandling of electrical appliances, especially their plugs. Plugging the devices in and out is like an involuntary action. Often, we thrust the plug into the socket forcefully or pull on the plug from the cord without giving it much thought. But, this constant manhandling of the plug can strain and damage it leading to a short circuit or even electrocution. All electrical devices must be dealt with care to ensure the longevity of the product and the safety of your home. Watch the video to see how mistreating your electrical devices can have serious effects!

Watch this space for more tips to ensure you and your family are aware and prepared to keep your home safe from electrical mishaps!