A Comprehensive Guide to LED Panel Lights: Everything You Need to Know

A Comprehensive Guide to LED Panel Lights: Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking to illuminate your home, office, or building without shooting up your electricity bills? Well, LED panel lights are the perfect lighting solution for your space.

These lights are not only an aesthetic alternative to traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights but also more energy-efficient. With their ultra-thin and trendy designs combined with high performance, they offer great value for money.

Here is all you need to know more about these lights before buying.

Benefits of LED Panel Lights

  • High Brightness:- These lights have a sealed design with high-quality reflective panels. Moreover, they have a higher lumen/watt rating. Both these factors contribute to better brightness as compared to other conventional lighting options.
  • Energy Saving:- The LED lights for panels consume at least 80-90% less power compared to traditional bulbs which also increases their lifespan. Some of these lights even have dimmers for you to adjust the brightness and lower the electricity cost. The even lighting distribution of panel lights ensures you don’t need several lighting fixtures in the room.
  • Space Saving:- Due to their sleek and compact design, you can fit these LED lights anywhere, including small areas such as bathrooms and dry balconies. They are also the right choice for false ceilings.
  • Shock Resistance:- These lights are made from high-quality materials. Hence, they have a better capacity to absorb physical shocks and varying temperatures.
  • Environment-Friendly:- Since these lights have a high electricity-to-light conversion efficiency, they reduce the energy load on non-renewable resources. They need fewer replacements which in turn reduces landfill and land pollution. Further, they do not contain mercury or other toxic materials, making them safer for the environment.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance:- An experienced lighting professional can install these lights effortlessly without causing damage to your space. You can easily clean these lights using a soft cloth or microfiber towels without scratching them.

Types of LED Panel Lights

There are two categories of these lights:

  • Recessed:- Recessed panel lights have the slimmest design. They can easily recede into the false ceiling or mounting surface after drilling a cut-out hole and securing them with side springs.
  • Surface-mounted:- These lights are thicker than receded lights. They are mounted directly on the ceiling or wall surface and do not require any drilling.

Buying the Best LED Panel Lights

Different types of panel lights are available in numerous styles and features, making purchasing decisions a bit tricky. Consider the following factors before buying them.

  • Shape:- These lights come in three shapes, viz.,as flat, round, and rectangular. Usually, round lights are suitable to create a softer ambience. The flat and rectangular ones are more suitable for professional and formal settings. However, the choice depends on your personal décor preferences and other interior elements of the space.
  • Size:- These lights come in various sizes, including 300mmx300mm, 300mmx600mm, 300mmx1200mm, 600mmx600mm, and 600mmx1200mm. Make sure that size of the light aligns with the space size and visual appeal.
  • Colour Temperature:- These lights are also available in different colour temperatures – warm white (<3000k), natural white (4000-4500k), and cool white (5000-6000k). The higher the colour temperature, the more the light output. So, if you want a subdued and relaxed space, warm white is a good option. Natural white and cool white are more appropriate for commercial spaces.
  • Emergency Feature:- If your space is vulnerable to frequent power fluctuations or outages, it is advisable to choose LED panel lights with a rechargeable battery for a backup power supply.


LED panel lights are one of the best and most cost-effective investments you can make to liven up the décor of your space. Make sure you buy them from a reputed brand for long-term energy efficiency and other benefits.