‘Tis the season of celebration—with Goldmedal lights!

‘Tis the season of celebration—with Goldmedal lights!

With the festive season around the corner, everyone everywhere is gearing up to begin their celebrations in full swing. From upholstery to lights, you must revamp your décor and brighten up your home for the festivities. There are plenty of decorative lights with designer fixtures in the market. But how do you decide which looks best?

Here are five ways to use Goldmedal LED lights for that delightful festive look in your home all year round!

Crimson and Citron LED Strip Light
This festive season, up the style quotient of your home with Crimson and Citron LED strip lights. The minimum investment of time, effort and money required, make these the ultimate lighting assets for every occasion. Because of their thin and flexible shape, they can fit into places where your average LED bulbs cannot. For instance, under seating areas, stairs, shelves etc. Available in multiple colour options, these strip lights should be your go-to decorative lights.

Available at a starting price of Rs 456 per unit and Rs 740 per unit, respectively

Photon Rope light
The Photon rope light is a smart option for the festivities. Although it may seem that a rope light functions just like a strip light, it doesn’t! The Photon rope light doesn’t require a separate AC-to-DC converter and can thus be connected directly to the power source with the provided connector. The Photon, with IP 65 rating, is both dust and water resistant, which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Adding style and colour wherever it is used, you will find Photon to be a smart and long-lasting solution for your festive décor needs!

Available at a starting price of Rs 16,560 for 100 meters

Genie coloured LED bulbs
Every festival calls for a little extra glam and colourful décor. Genie is a range of cute, colourful and bright LED bulbs that can create a stunning look! For instance, you can place the bulb behind a cut-out of your choice and create beautiful light and shadow effect. Genie bulbs are mercury-free, last longer, and consume less energy than average fluorescent bulbs. This festive season bring colours in to your home with Goldmedal’s Genie bulbs.

Available at a price of Rs 55 each.

Xtentia Spot light
Bringing home Lord Ganesha this festive season? Hit the sweet spot with some recessed lights or spotlights! The Xtensia spot light is a lightweight spotlight with a swivel mechanism that makes it easy to project light on a desired spot. With a narrow focus beam angle that produces up to 85 lumens per watt, the Xtensia beautifully highlights desired areas—without any hot spots! With a soft and diffused illumination, Xtensia can form beautiful silhouettes and shadows—giving the idol a flawless radiance!

Available at a starting price of Rs 2,860 each

Duos coloured LED light
Light up your home with festive colours! Along with decorative lights, change the mood of your home with Duos, which provides more light options with every click. Duos is uniquely designed with a detachable LED capsule that offers three lighting options. It can be merely used as a simple downlight or you could just use the light on its side as a mood light. You could also use both lights together to create beautiful illumination all round. This festive season, add a touch of brightness to your décor with Duos LED light!

Available at a price of Rs 560 each

Pro tip:

Accessories for festive season
360° Spike Guard

Decorating homes with lights are a big part of every festive décor. With so many lights, come as many plugs but not enough sockets. There is a simple solution to this problem—Goldmedal’s 360° spike guard. This uniquely designed device delivers maximum freedom and power while consuming minimum space. It enables you to do more with less! A variant with USB is also available. Now lighting more lights during your favorite festivals got so much easier!

Available at a price of Rs 790