Festive lighting from Goldmedal: A bright solution during grim times!

Festive lighting from Goldmedal: A bright solution during grim times!

This year has been tough on us all but the festive season is round the corner and its time for an annual revamping of your home and office décor! Goldmedal has many amazing lighting solutions that will create a perfect ambiance for intimate festive celebrations. Here are the top five Goldmedal LED lights for a delightful festive look in your home all year round!  

Photon Rope light
The Photon rope light is a smart option for the festivities. Although it may seem that a rope light functions just like a strip light, it doesn’t! The Photon rope light doesn’t require a separate AC-to-DC converter and can thus be connected directly to the power source with the provided connector. The Photon, with IP 65 rating, is both dust and water resistant, which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Adding style and colour wherever it is used, you will find Photon to be a smart and long-lasting solution for your festive décor needs!
Available at a starting price of Rs 16,560 for 100 metres

Crimson LED Strip Light
Nothing says festive lighting better than colourful strip light! The Crimson LED strip light requires minimum investment of time, effort and money, which makes it the ultimate lighting assets for every occasion. Because of its thin and flexible shape, it can fit into places where your average LED bulbs cannot. For instance, under seating areas, stairs, shelves etc. Available in multiple colour options, this strip light should be your go-to decorative light.
Available at a starting price of Rs 580 per unit.

Champion LED Strip Light
The Champion strip light is the perfect choice for festive decorations. With 20 lumens per LED and 120 LEDs per meter, Champion strip lights offer vibrant and beautiful illumination. Champion is shock-resistant and therefore a safe option to use in and around indoor spaces—outlining the tv, wall decor, under or around seating areas, desks, shelves or even on and under the stairs. Available in 45 watt variant in 5 meter, Champion promises uninterrupted bright illumination throughout the festive season!
Available at a starting price of Rs 750 per unit.

Magicline LED Batten
Elevate the spirit of celebration with the bright illumination of Magicline. It is a powerful LED Batten with a classic design. This polycarbonate batten is lightweight with a slim form and impact-resistant housing that leads to enhanced aesthetics and durability. Unlike the average batten, this sleek LED consumes minimum energy while providing maximum illumination. Choose Magicline LED Battens to minimize the impact of lights on the planet without compromising on the quality of your festive decor!
This 20-watt T5 batten is available in blue, green and red color option at a starting price of Rs 580 each.

Geolite Panel LED
This festive season up the style quotient of your home with Geolite panel light. Geolite is a slim recessed panel LED manufactured with thermally conductive plastic that makes it lightweight and easy to use. The clip-on mounting option is user friendly and eases the installation process. With the anti-glare diffuser, Geolite is used as a down light to create a warm and welcoming ambience. The classic design with and red, blue and green lumen options make Geolite the go-to option for festive lighting needs.
Geolite is available in 3, 6, 12, 15, and 20 watt variant at a starting price of Rs 310.