The Single and Multicore
cables complement each other.

While single core cables are widely used for domestic purposes, multicore cables are used in areas where space might be a constraint (medical equipment, aircraft) or in entertainment venues, theaters, heavy industries, etc. The single as well as multi core cables from Goldmedal are durable and heat resistant. They do not melt or burn easily even in extreme conditions.


Manufactured from bright annealed 99.97% pure bare copper conductors these cables offer low conductor resistance. These wires are insulated with in house manufactured specially formulated PVC compound. The tough robust outer PVC jacket protects it from oils, greases, various chemicals and abrasions giving the wire a long life and ensuring electrical safety.


Multicore Cables are very versatile and can be used in control panels for heavy industries, heavy machineries, air-condition, motors etc.


Electrolytic Grade Copper Conductor as per IS: 8130 – 1984 Flexibility Class 2 and 5


PVC Type A of IS: 5831 – 1984 for maximum conductor temperature 70°C
PVC Type C of IS: 5831-1984 for maximum conductor temperature 85°C

Thickness of Insulation : Nominal thickness as per relevant specification is tabulated.

Tolerance on Thickness of Insulation : The smallest of the measured values of thickness of insulation shall not fall below the nominal value specified in the relevant tables by more that (0.1 mm + 0.1 t1). Where t1 = Nominal Thickness of Insulation in mm.

Colour of Insulation

  • Two Core Cable Red & Black
  • Three Core Cable Red, Black & Green
  • Four Core Cable Red, Yellow, Blue & Green
  • Five Core Cable Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & Grey
  • Six Core and above Two adjacent Cores in each layer Blue and Yellow remaining cores Grey

Laying – up

The cores are laid up with a suitable right hand lay.

Outer Sheath

PVC Type ST-1 of IS: 5831-1984 for maximum conductor temperature 70°C.
PVC Type ST-2 of IS: 5831-1984 for maximum conductor temperature 85°C.


The laid up cores shall be provided with outer sheath applied by Extrusion.

Thickness of Outer Sheath

The average thickness of outer sheath of Unarmoured cables shall not be less than the nominal value specified. The smallest of the measured values shall not be less than 0.2 mm + 0.2 t1. (ts is nominal thickness of sheath)

Colour of Outer Sheath

Colour of outer sheath shall be black. Colour other than black may be used as agreed to between the purchaser and the supplier.