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The perfect connection for your cable TV.

Entertainment rules the world, right now. With the right kind of cables, you’ll never have to compromise on the quality of entertainment you experience on your TV network. Using 99.97% copper, the Jelly flooded coaxial cables ensures better signal transmission, low electromagnetic interference, and higher bandwidth for hundreds of channels.

  • High quality Co-axial cable for Cable TV network..
  • Notch free attenuation values over wide band of frequencies
  • The special jacketing offers increased life even in rugged conditions.


The central conductor is made of 99.97% pure solid electrolytic grade conductor, which has distinct advantages over traditional copper conductor.


The insulation provided over the conductor is of foam PE which acts as a dielectric.


Aluminum Mylar tape is provided over the insulated conductor to shield the conductor and ensure disturbance free transmission of signals.


The braiding provided is >60% coverage of ATC (Annealed tinned copper) /Aluminium braiding.