About us

For years, we electrified your homes and offices with world-class electrical devices. We made you smile, with products that understood your future needs. We introduced you to the latest innovations in electrical fittings. Now, Goldmedal is proud to present to you LEDs that are light-years ahead of the competition. Products that are the absolute best in lighting systems. We promise to illuminate your world with the very best in finish, usability and power savings. To light up your world like never before.

Setting Standards

The journey of creating great products is not simple. The distance from good to great requires a quantum leap. A leap of imagination, faith, engineering and team work. It’s therefore not a surprise to know that very few organizations choose to follow this path. For Goldmedal, it was never a choice. The decision was already made, as far back as in 1979. To discard everything that is just good and to always aim for great. The new range of LED lights from Goldmedal is an example of truly great lighting products. Lighting solutions that are better than anything else available.