AIR Modular
Flat switch remains flush with plate

Switches & System
Available in three styles
Guaranteed for 1 lakh operations

Exquisitely balanced. Smooth. Shapely. Switches – 10 Ax 1 Module / 2Module are as much a delight as they
are for use. The modular shape of all the switches are minimalistic and yet distinctive in appearance.


Flush button has new meaning.
New dimension to your interiors.


As cool as class demands.
A curve of elegance.


Subtle style meets
ethereal finesse.

Sockets with Flap for better protection
Raised socket prevents plug from overlapping the switch

Regulator-Full Rotary, 5 Speed Control
Triac Technology, Finely calibrated
Capsule shaped knob for better grip

Motor Starter

Available in 16A/20A/25A
Just with a push of button

Key Tag

Compact, Robust
Portable, Ease to Use

USB Charger

Charge 2 Devices at one time
No need to search for charger

Step Marker

Unique Projection | 5 Bright LEDs | Stylish